Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Sweet Surprise

Sometimes, I hear people complain about all the emails waiting for them upon return to work after an absence, and all they have to do to "catch up."  Well, I returned to the classroom today after missing one day and this is what was waiting for me on the morning message board:

Each morning, we typically read a message together beginning with Dear Friends,...and ending with Love, Ms. Sasha.  On the day I was out, the kids, with the help of my assistant and substitute, wrote a message for me!  And right under the message waiting on the shelf...

...a perfect bouquet of flowers!
 I don't think anyone will ever find me complaining about the messages which await me when I have returned from being away!  :)  Thank you, little friends of mine, for this act of kindness!


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  2. That is so touching;-) The kids returned what they had received ;-)