Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blizzard Effect

The last snow storm prompted me to document a painting/stamping activity the children have been enjoying this month.  As with most art activities in the classroom, this lesson is set up as an individual lesson which the child completes independently. 

Materials on the shelf:  Basket of blue construction paper with apron; art board (underneath the basket); small tray with white crayon, snowflake stamp; dish with stamp pad (dampened sponge with white and blue paint mixture).
Initially, the child puts on the apron, takes one piece of blue paper, places it on the art board, and brings it to a table.  Next, they return to the shelf to retrieve the small tray and bring it over to their workspace being sure to place the small tray to the left of the art board.  This seemingly small detail is actually quite important as this placement aids the child in training their eye movements in a left to right direction in preparation for writing and reading.

The materials ready for use at the child's workspace.  The white crayon is for the student to write their name on the paper. 

I made this stamp by simply hot-gluing a cork onto a snowflake ornament.

The lesson all set up and in use.
Once the child is finished, they rinse the stamp off at the sink and return it to the tray.  The paper is brought to the classroom drying rack and all materials are returned to the shelf. 

Altogether in our hallway, these stamp paintings create quite a blizzard effect...

...art imitating life!

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