Saturday, January 28, 2012

Keeping Up with the Crowd

Well, it's been one of those weeks when it feels as if one can hardly keep up with everything that's happening...!  Thankfully, this was due mostly to fact that many of my students were ready for new lessons which is yet another sign of positive developments in the classroom.  And then, in the midst of all this activity, we had a snow day!  Additionally, I've been fortunate to be participating in a trial with Montessori Compass, an online record keeping system for Montessori schools and teachers.  Consequently, I've been inputting information and data regarding our lessons and activities in the classroom while learning the details of the program.  I'll let you know more about that as I become more familiar with the system and its impact in the classroom.  Meanwhile, here are some highlights of our week:
Flower Arranging

Mittens and Snowflake math.

Celebrating Chinese New Year by making good luck banners.
More word building with the Moveable Alphabet.
Numbers 11-19 with the Teen Beads.

Numbers 11-19 with the Teen Boards and Beads.
The Article lesson.
Painting on canvas (which are are reusing from a past project) for the second part of a group art project.  I'll post about it in the near future! :)
Table Washing lesson - always a favorite with the children!
One of the moms came in to talk to the children about Chinese New Year.  We listened to Chinese music, learned how to say, "Happy New Year!" in Chinese, and even tried a few Tai Chi moves!  Good fortune was already upon us because she gave us these beautiful banners to hang in our school.  Thank you, thank you!

Dynamic Addition with the Golden Beads.

A "Puzzle Party!"

Exploring shapes with the Geometric Solids.  Two children in the back were reading a set of Phonetic Word Cards - you can see the word 'stop' in the background...
 It appears I'm left with fewer pictures than usual this week with the combination of many lessons unfolding in the classroom, me learning the latest record-keeping system, and the snow day.  Next week will bring new works on the shelves and the completion of our latest group art project!


  1. I always love to see these posts of their work! Keep them coming!

  2. Oh, I will! I love looking back through them and seeing the progress - How far we've come since September... and how far we have yet to go...! Thanks for reading and the lovely comment,

  3. You are busy!!!! Lovely work... The children in my classroom are so far away from doing using the golden beads set for the dynamic addition!!! Amazing! I am still doing my full Montessori course at the moment and we are right in the middle of the math materials and theory. Nice to see the theory in practice!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. One reason I love the Golden Beads so much is because once the child understands concepts 1-10, he can easily work with the decimal system, i.e. the golden bead material. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment! :)

  5. It's always wonderful to see the photos of your students at work, Sasha! I featured your Chinese New Year posts and the banner-making photo in this post for my Montessori-Inspired Chinese New Year Activities post at