Friday, September 9, 2016

Small Steps to a Big Future

While we have yet to be in school a for a full week, we certainly have made steady progress with our majority, new-to-the-classroom group.  As one can imagine, there have been numerous Grace and Courtesy lessons as we learn and review procedures, and begin forming a distinct classroom culture.  As with all with all 'good' things, this will take time as the children begin adjusting to their environment, while building trust with each other and adults.
During this early stage of the school year, it always amazes me how clearly the returning students rise to the occasion of being the oldest members of the group.  Their memories of lessons and of general routines are so helpful as we begin anew.  Not only does this help to build their own confidence, but it also brings such valuable learning experiences for our newest class members.
Some photos from our first days together:
Apple stamping, using an apple-shaped sponge.

Enjoying an apple themed art activity.

Pre-writing lesson:  the ever popular, Rock Painting.

Counting the Short Bead Stair, associating quantity to color.

Careful pouring practice with green and red gems.

Exploring dimensions with a Knobbed Cylinder Block, while promoting the pincer grasp.

Associating quantity with number symbol using the Short Bead Hanger.

Attention to detail while rolling a mat.

Combining beginning sounds to letter symbols.

Transferring with a spoon while sorting by color.

Writing practice with the Metal Insets.

Pre-reading activity with an apple theme - finding the one that does not belong.

Building concentration, coordination, independence and order with the Opening and Closing bottles lessons.

Transferring with tweezers - encouraging fine motor development.

Number writing practice with Sandpaper Numbers.

Completing the Cards and Counters lesson to learn about odd and even numbers.

Developing the pincer grasp - transferring toothpicks into the shaker.
It's only the beginning of the journey, and I am looking forward to where these first steps will lead us.

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