Saturday, August 29, 2015

Timeline of Birthdays

The hallway leading to our classroom has always been a place for a rotating display of children's art.  Inspired by both the artistic elements of the Reggio approach and the timelines of Montessori materials,   this space has been transformed into an evolving 'Timeline of Birthdays'.  Since our school year begins in September marking the beginning of our year together, the timeline begins with the first birthday of the month and proceeds in order through the remaining months.  The children will be able to complete a watercolor painting on the other side of the "Reserved for…" paper on their birthday.  One can see how this will not only illustrate the passage of time through the celebration of each child's birthday, but it will also become a colorful, artistic display representing our unique community of children.


  1. I am happy to see others teaching the concept of a timeline to their students. At our school we do a timeline of pictures from birth-their current age. The child shows the pictures during their celebration of life and then we display their timeline in the classroom for the rest of the month. I just gave a lesson on Maria Montessori's timeline to celebrate her life as her birthday is on Monday.

  2. Yes, we also display the pictures for each child's timeline from their Celebration of Life/ Birthday Walk. Such a lovely tradition! A timeline for Montessori's birthday is a wonderful idea.

  3. Oh my goodness! This is superb!! I am instituting this effective immediately!! Thank you Sasha, we always find such wonderful things here at your site.