Thursday, August 13, 2015

Geography Booklets

One of my goals this year is to explore the Geography materials in more depth with my students.  One way I plan to do this is with the help of a set of Geography Command Cards.  Hopefully the use of such cards will not only provide meaningful points of interest for the students, but also act as springboards for using materials and conducting individual research.  The cards I have printed for are available HERE for free.  Thanks to the generous donations of many thoughtful teachers, this site provides many materials available for instant download.

The Geography command cards range in complexity of tasks, which is helpful in being able to meet the needs and interests of our mixed age setting.  While some cards invite children to explore Land and Water Forms, globes, maps and various extension actives, other tasks include recording information in a 'Land and Water Booklet.'  To that end, I decided to make a number of 'Geography Booklets' for this type of work in the cultural curriculum:

Covers were made with a little help from Google Images and shipping labels.  Inside each booklet is a blend of lined writing paper and unlined pages for drawings, collages, etc.  The button and twine closures remind me of genuine field work journals which adds a unique point of interest (not to mention I was able to use up a bag of buttons I have had for quite some time!).  
As the children work with the Geography materials, these booklets will be filled with their own work and recordings - outlines of maps and puzzle pieces, pictures of land and water forms, lists of continents and countries, interesting facts children wish to record, and anything else that may come up.  

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