Saturday, January 3, 2015

On Our Way

It is hard to believe that the New Year is upon us - what a superb start to the school year we have a had!  Each day, I am continually amazed at the growth and progress my students have made.  During my daily observations in the classroom, I find myself thinking, "Wow, these kids have come so far!" as they push in their chairs, put away their lessons, find new ones, and even fold (yes, fold!) various towel and carefully roll mats…  I can see how much the children care about their environment and take pride in their own achievements.  It brings me much joy to spend my days with them- which is why it is with mixed emotions that the time has come for my departure from the classroom.

As you may be aware, my family is to embarking on a temporary overseas move to St. Petersburg, Russia and we are set to depart in a few short days.   While I am filled with excitement and gratitude for this opportunity for my family, I will truly miss my students, our classroom, and the comfort of our growing trust with each other.  I am confident, however, that the foundation we have started to build during the last few months will continue to grow and the children will flourish with this strong beginning in place.  Also, it brings me much peace of mind to know that most of my students will be returning next year!  Based on the projected enrollment for next year, we will have a seasoned classroom with a majority of returning students.  Needless to say, I will be looking forward to returning to a full classroom filled with familiar faces! :-)

Even though I know everything is "in good hands," at school, it is still very difficult to leave!  During my family's stay in Russia, however, I will be a visiting teacher at the International American Montessori School in St. Petersburg.  I am looking forward not only to gaining new insights into the Montessori method of education, but also to bringing new ideas and a fresh, global perspective back to my own classroom.  While I plan to continue posting on this blog, time will tell which direction it will take - hopefully it will present a balance of both school and family experiences while abroad.  

Despite predictions of snow and ice on this end and major flood warnings on the other, we are on on our way!  Next stop:  St. Petersburg, Russia!


  1. How incredibly exciting! I had the privilege of staying a summer in St. Petersburg after my internship year and the city will always hold a special place in my heart. I only wished I could observe at a Montessori school there. I am so eager to read about your experience. Enjoy this exciting journey!

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  3. Have a nice experience, I look forward to read of all your adventures.

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