Friday, December 26, 2014


It seems I have forgotten to share these photos from the last couple of weeks prior to Christmas break.  There seemed to be a lot of language work out and a few of the children began working with a new set of language phonogram cards (see photo towards end of post).   We also were busy preparing small gifts for the children to bring home for the holidays (and I never was able to get a photo of them!).  In any case here are some classroom photos from before the break:

Organizing materials for the the Metal Polishing activity which build coordination, concentration, independence , and order.

Learning the names of the parts of a flower with a Botany Puzzle.

Writing words with the Moveable Alphabet and making sure the letters are placed on the line.

Matching circles from the Geometric Cabinet to their corresponding cards.

Exploring shape and form with the Geometric Solids.

Transferring pom-pons by size.

Linear counting and number symbol recognition with the Hundred Board.

 Sequencing numbers with the  Math Step Board.

Pre-writing and Sensorial work:  Tracing leaf shapes from the Botany Cabinet.

Working with the Puzzle Map of North America to learn the names of countries.

Langauge development:  Holiday themed matching cards.
Building the Pink Tower.

Number Count and Sort

Phonogram work with three-part matching cards.

Enjoying our poetry basket, "Christmas Wreaths."

Exploring the book Around the World From A to Z and tracing letters.

Skip counting by 3's with the Short Chain of Three.

There has been a lot of map making lately!

Language:  Initial sounds