Saturday, November 22, 2014

Twas the week before Thanksgiving...

…and all through the class, the students were working and having a blast! :-)

Language activity:  Matching cards of baby animals.

Reading and acting out our "Thanksgiving" poem.

Working with the Cards and Counters math lesson.

Exploring polygons with the Constructive Triangles.

An extension of the Cards and Counters lesson - tracing the number and coloring the quantity. 

Building the Pink Tower.

Counting quantity with the Number Rods.

Writing practice with Sandpaper Numbers.

Puzzle Map of the World

After completing the Puzzle of the Turtle, this student was inspired to trace its outline on a paper and write a story to go along with it.

Careful pin pushing work.

Here, the child has decided to copy the months of the year from our class calendar.

Exploring the Power of Two cube.

Matching rectangles from the Geometric Cabinet.

Constructing and teen numbers with quantity and symbol:  Teen Beads and Boards.

Visual discrimination of size using the Brown Stair.


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