Saturday, November 8, 2014

Seeing Green

Green is everywhere!  The children have been introduced to some new variations of lessons with a green color theme to go along with our Short Bead Stair number work.  I have noticed many conversations among the children having to do with the colors and numbers of the math materials which is exciting to me - I know these conversations are forming the foundation of a deep understanding of the Montessori math materials.   It is my hope that this awareness will stay and grow with the children during these formative years in the classroom and guide their learning for years to come.

Transferring and sorting pom poms by size (large and small) with small tongs.

Building concentration and building an understanding of magnetism with the Magnet Board.

Transferring water with a  small baster.

Using a Cylinder Block to practice visual discrimination of size (and using the pincer grasp to help with writing).

Opening/Closing Bottles

Fine motor development with colored stones - when placed in the circles they form the number symbol two.

Pre writing activity (tracing) with the Geometric Cabinet shapes.

Using paint strips to practice cutting on the line and building an awareness of shades of color.

Playing "Knock-knock, who's there?" with the Sandpaper Letters - this is a fun game to play while learning to identify letters and their sounds.

Tracing the Botany Cabinet leaf shapes with a small stick...

…and tracing the same shape on the board.  This lesson is a wonderful pre writing exercise as it helps the child practice holding an instrument similar to a pencil.

Creating a collage with the color green.

Science:  Sorting Living/ Non-Living items.

Preparing the triangles from the first Constructive Triangle box...

…and making new shapes with them!

Carefully pouring water.
Sewing with a Lacing Shape card.

Comparing size with two sets of Knobless Cylinders.

Matching objects to their silhouettes - this is a great activity for visual discrimination and language development.

Making a collage with a Tearing Paper art lesson.

Matching various sized circles to their cards with the Geometric Cabinet materials.

Using the first box of Constructive Triangles to explore shapes.

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