Saturday, October 11, 2014

Settling in...

There comes a time in the early part of the school year when one feels a distinct "settling in" of the classroom - I think we have made it to that point!  The children are comfortable with our classroom rhythms can anticipate general routines.  And it is wonderful!  Some photos from this week:

Folding practice:  "Oooh, look!  It's a triangle!"

Sorting blocks by color.

Story writing using the Story Paper lesson.

Making an autumn themed art project.

Numbers 1-9 with the Short Bead Hanger.

Color Mixing

Drawing with dry erase markers at the easel.  Afterwards,  the child washes the easel.

Writing practice with Sandpaper Letters.

Learning to use a glue bottle and making a collage.

Matching Numeral Cards to corresponding Number Rods.

Parts of a Tree puzzle - we are practicing holding each piece by the knob to help strengthen the pincer grasp.

Reading practice with Short Vowel Booklets.

Transferring water with a baster.

Metal Polishing - the children absolutely love this!

Using two Cylinder Blocks at a time.

Setting up the tablet from the Second Color Tablet Box to pair colors.

Writing practice on the chalkboard.

Sensitizing the fingers to get ready for Touch Board work.

Working with the Monomial Cube.

A three-period lesson with vocabulary shape cards.

Exploring magnetism with the magnet board.

Using a labeled control chart with the Parts of a Tree puzzle.

Matching number with the Math Step Board.

Pouring practice.
A collection of leaf rubbings in our Nature Journals from our outdoor explorations.

Visual discrimination of size with the Knobless Cylinders….

…and the Cylinder Blocks.

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