Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Name Puzzles and Name Tracing

Many of our students are finding delight in the following pre-reading and writing activities recently introduced to the classroom.  They are really nothing novel - just new to our classroom.  The first lesson is a simple name puzzle made from a set of nameplates - one set includes a child's first name and the second set includes a bag with the child's name cut into separate letters.

The top name plate acts a control while the child pieces together the letters of their name.

If interested, the child can then obtain a pre-cut piece of tracing paper and clip it their name plate to practice tracing.

Each child keeps their tracing paper and places their nameplate back on the shelf.
The puzzle pieces are housed in zip-loc bags (which also allows the students to practice opening and closing!), while  the name plates and tracing papers are filed in the divider. 

The clips are right next to the name plates and paper on this beautiful dish.  

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