Saturday, December 21, 2013

Did someone say there's a vacation?

Oh, my!  There is no denying that vacation is upon us.  The excitement and energy level of the classroom this week could not be ignored!  It was quite a week - one which even included a two hour weather delay…  I am always thankful for the opportunity to work with my students, but it sure is wonderful to have a break!  Here are just a few pictures from our rather hectic week:

Making shapes with the Constructive Triangles.

Using labels to act out verbs and then symbolize them.

Reading and sequencing the Gingerbread Men poem.

Using Box C of the Constructive Triangles to create interesting designs and patterns.

Looking at patterns and dimension with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Coloring always has such a calming effect - we have been enjoying these Nutcracker pages to go along with listing to the much of the Nutcracker ballet.

Many students are moving along with Language work and are sounding out and building words with the Moveable Alphabet.

Addition facts with colored beads.

A group of children worked on this and repeated it a few mornings in a row.  It is always exciting when they explore materials and work collaboratively!

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  1. Cool! those activities is perfect for upcoming vacation. Thanks for sharing this idea.