Saturday, November 9, 2013

Here and there...

...from around the classroom this week:

Preparing apples to make applesauce - thanks to my assistant who set up this cooking activity.  The applesauce was delicious!

Matching opposites.

Linear counting and number symbol recognition with the Math Step Board.

Static Subtraction with golden beads.

Visual discrimination of size with the Knobless Cylinders.

Symbolizing phrases with conjunctions using grammar symbols.

Cards and Counters math work.

Contents of our Africa Continent Box with labels.

An extension lesson with the Tens Board - reading number small labels, making it on the board and counting the beads.

Beginning sound work with the Moveable Alphabet.

Practical Life: Basic Sponging - an important skill for subsequent Practical Life lessons!

Retrieving quantities of golden beads.

Number writing practice.

Pairing primary and secondary colors with the Second Color Tablet Box.

Reading, matching, and writing labels with the Animals of Africa Tray.

Sounding out words from pictures and writing them with the Moveable Alphabet.

Putting together a fun puzzle.

Three-letter phonetic reading three-part cards.  The child in this photos also chose to write them down.

Visual discrimination of size with the yellow set of Knobless Cylinders.

Across the room another child was using a mat with the red set of Knobless Cylinders to explore more variations...

...while another student does the same with the green set.

Feeling differences in weight with the Baric Tablets.

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