Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Animals of Africa: Object Tray

My observations over the past weeks have led me to realize how very much my students are attracted to learning about animals of Africa.  They are writing about them with the Moveable Alphabet, drawing and labeling pictures, and sounding out the letters as they read the name of these animals throughout the classroom.  Of course, I just happened to have a Safari Toob of African animals (which has been sitting in my living room/Montessori storage area at home for well over a few years)...  I decided I could finally put a lesson together - a variation of the Phonetic Object Box:

Animals of Africa:  Object Tray
Various animals of Africa figurines; labels; small papers for independent writing/labels, pencil.
The child matches the objects to the labels.

The other side includes written labels in cursive.   Hopefully this will inspire children to make a set of their own labels (which can be stapled into a booklet)  using the blank papers and pencil in the tray.

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