Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Three-Part Cards

The month of August would not be complete without the hum of the laminator as we approach the beginning of the school year - and this year is no different!  Recently, I purchased a beautiful set of three-part cards which will provide practice for beginning readers.  The following description of three-part cards is adapted from Montessori Compass, the online record keeping system used in my classroom:

This activity consists of three sets of cards: one contains the picture of an object, the next contains only the written name, and the third set shows the picture and the written name together. The child’s task is to organize the first set on a mat and then match both the word and the card from the third set together. This activity builds both oral and written vocabulary while reinforcing left to right directionality and organization.

First set of cards - Pictures only

Second set of cards - Words  
Here, the child sounds out word and matches it to the corresponding picture.

Third set of cards - Control Set: picture and word together.
Now, the child can check his/her work by matching the control card.

Three-part cards are fundamental language materials in any Montessori setting and can can be utilized across all curriculum areas.  One aspect I particularly appreciate about these materials is how flexible they are in meeting the needs of the child.  For example, younger students may wish to simply match the pictures while older students can record their work on paper.  In the past, I have even had some students want to make their own sets of three-part cards to take home!

I am experimenting with how to best store these cards on the shelf.  In doing so, I made some storage envelopes using colorful scrapbook paper (with the help of my trusty laminator!):

Each set of cards has their own opening...
...and the envelope can be folded shut (I used a velcro fastener to keep it closed).


  1. I love your 3-part card folders! I've been a HUGE fan of your blog for ages and am so delighted to see you're using my phonetic reading cards!

  2. Hi Seemi, Thanks so much! I do love these cards and my favorite parts about them are the cutting lines (without narrow lines to follow). It makes for such an even smooth finish and I love it!! I'm getting ready to make a set using your phonograms next... Thank you!

  3. I love the envelopes you made (no sewing!). Could you please tell how you are holding the edges and seams of the pockets together? Thanks so much!