Monday, August 12, 2013

Power Point Writing Prompts

I have been contemplating the use of Power Point writing prompts to be used as visuals for Kindergarten journal writing.  The idea came to me as I brainstormed ways to incorporate engaging visuals while organizing prompts into daily/weekly/monthly files that can be easily accessed.  I must admit, I am still not completely convinced of using this type of technology as a tool for writing.   I also strive, however, to meet the needs of my students and recognize that such visual cues are vital points of interest in promoting growth in language and writing.  Inspired by Montessori's scientific approach to the classroom, I have experimented with creating several Power Point slides to be used as writing prompts.  Over time, I hope to make meaningful observations and conclusions about the impact these prompts have on student learning and literacy development.

Example Power Point writing prompt.

I particularly appreciate how elements of the Montessori classroom can be incorporated  into ideas for journal writing.

Here is an example of a number/color word prompt.

Another way to incorporate Montessori (showing the cone shape from the Geometric Solids material)!

Color word example.
As one can imagine, the possibilities are endless!  I also would like to stress that these prompts are meant to remain open-ended and are to be provided as gateways to further thought.

Also, I envision modeling of the writing process to take place simultaneously.  This will be especially important as my students are introduced to cursive writing before print.  Using these Power Point slides can not only offer my students meaningful points of interest for journal writing, but can also provide consistent reading practice.

As I conclude this post, another thought comes to mind - I wonder if similar slides could be utilized as prompts for writing practice with the Moveable Alphabet for students needing a little inspiration...  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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