Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Days

I am excited about these December days in the classroom!  The children are working well, both individually and as a group.  Of course, we have our moments (you know, those ones when you think, "Where did I do wrong?" as several pairs of feet are galloping across the floor, or in those moments of 'false fatigue' in the classroom when it appears as if no one is doing anything....).  My experience tells me however, that allowing the children to work through exactly these moments is what makes our Montessori classroom truly authentic.  I am proud of the children's progress and observe their accomplishments with sincere reverence.

Geography with the Land and Water Forms:  Learning 'System of Lakes' and 'Archipelago.'

Understanding dimensions with the Pink Tower.

Creating a pattern while making a jingle-bell necklace.

Another child received the Hundred Chain lesson this week!
Cards and Counters which prompted...

...these Bells and Jingles to be used!

A new "discovery."  This child found out on his own that the green Knobbed Cylinders fit exactly on top of the red ones.

Making wreaths and...

...ornaments which we...

...tied with ribbon and hung in the hallway.

Listening to the music of The Nutcracker and reading labels for the decorative nutcrackers.
(Click on caption to read more about this activity.)

Exciting extension work with the Knobbed Cylinders.

Working with the Constructive Triangles
Hexagonal Box.

Puzzle Map of Africa.
Extension work with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

A colorful array with the Third Color Tablet Box.

Matching seasonal pictures.
And, we got started on something special, but shhh!  It's a secret!  You only get this little clue:

A sneak peak!
Stay tuned for more next week... :)


  1. Love the wreaths, I've been looking for something my 3 year olds could make easily! I'm with you on the false fatigue, seems to be escalated every year around this time!

  2. Yes, indeed! Glad you could use the wreath idea - actually, the ornaments are the middles of the small paper plates which were cut out... Also, I had the children use a hole puncher to make the red berries... Have fun!