Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Cards

If you are a mom of a child in our school, please skip this post if you want your Mother's Day gift to be a surprise!!!!


The children have also made cards to go along with their gifts which you can see on the previous post.  They enjoyed adding their personal touches to the cards and take pride in the creation of such a beautiful gift to give to their moms!

I set up the card making materials at a table in the Language area of the classroom after demonstrating how to make one.  For this particular project, the children chose one card and one sheet of pre-cut stickers.  The markers were used for writing and drawing...  Once the child completes the card, they may place it in the decorative pail and cross their name off the name list.  Here is the material set up at a table:

Mother's Day cards and gifts.
 So perfect with the handmade soap.. The hardest part for the kids is having to wait to give it to mom!


  1. Great idea for Montessori-inspired card-making! I love your process that allows each child to make a gift card during individual work time. I also added this link to

  2. I just featured your post and photo in my new Montessori-Inspired Mother's Day post at

  3. Thanks, Deb! I always feel so honored to be a part of your posts! :)

  4. Great idea for card making...I love the way it can be make in working time..thanks you share it. might help me some where in making Gift Card envelopes.