Saturday, May 14, 2011

LEGO Storage Idea

It is a constant struggle to keep LEGO pieces from overtaking every single room in the house!  I've tried different things, such the CD storage crates from the end of this post, and that has worked well.  However, we still have tiny pieces and LEGO "guys" everywhere!  At a certain point, the chaos consumes me and the creative impulses surge forth...

What can I do with an extra Moveable Alphabet box which has been around since last summer?  Again, I am a saver of things, and when this particular item could not be used in my classroom, I figured I should save it - I'd find a use for it at some point in time...  And that time was today!

The unused Moveable Alphabet box which could not be utilized in the classroom (I simply think the lettering is unclear and confusing for the kids...) which I why I purchased the one seen in this post.

So..., here is what I did with some left over shelf liner and a glue stick:

A little measuring, cutting, gluing... 

and when it's all in place...'s a shelf for all those tiny LEGO "guys!"

A while back, we also purchased a hardware storage system which now houses the otherwise wondering LEGO bits.  Big Stuff was instrumental in coordinating the colors and organizing the individual bins.

Hardware LEGO storage and some free-form creations...
I realize that not many people have extra Moveable Alphabet boxes in their home to convert to storage/display units.  You can however, do the same thing with the more well-known "Melissa and Doug" wooden storage boxes.  Many of their toys are housed in sturdy, divided, wooden boxes which could be used in the same manner as described above.  In fact, I have had one in the house for probably five years - I never knew what to do with it and it was simply too nice to get rid of.  As I was already in the process with the Moveable Alphabet box, I decided to do the same with the "Melissa and Doug" box.  Now, it is a perfect place for the kids to display their treasures (i.e. the contents of their pockets!):

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