Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week in Photos

Here are some photos taken in the classroom over the past week.  Such a busy group!   Also, we were working on our Mother's Day gifts all week - making, decorating, wrapping, etc.  Enjoy!

Matching pictures to pictures - this set depicts famous landmarks in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Number recognition and sequencing with the Math Step Board.

Two friends discussing their work with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair.

Using the Teen Bead Hanger for numbers 11-19 - quantity and place value.

A fun activity to develop understanding of place value.

Waking the maze and trying not to touch the sides.

More teamwork!
Writing practice with the Large Moveable Alphabet.

We talked about Easter eggs decorated in the the Ukrainian style and Faberge eggs - the children have been enjoying this coloring page of eggs.

Lining up the Brown Stairs.

Retrieving quantities.

Playing the Exchange Game.

Transferring pieces of small, gold ribbon with a clothespin.

Reading practice with the Mac and Tab Series.

Pouring into two vessels.

Word study - exploring suffixes.

Introduction to the Small Bead Frame.

The Negative (Subtraction) Snake Game.

Checking one's work and finding it all matches up!

Writing practice on a lined chalkboard.

Counting, cardinality, and odd/even numbers with Cards and Counters.

Here, the child has brought the Red Rods to one mat and lined them up in order on the other mat.

Finding the Flag of Russia in a book and comparing it to the one from our collection of  Flags of the World.

Careful work with a watercolor art activity.

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