Saturday, April 2, 2016

"Practice Makes Progress"

Thanks to our classroom assistant who has been been helping us remember this important aphorism:  Practice makes progress.  What wise words to encourage our students (and ourselves)!  I think the children must be hearing this message based on the images captured over the last two weeks:

Learning about prepositions.

Introduction to the function of the verb.

Just showing some love…! :-)

Carefully and attentively coloring a Map of the World.

Transferring water beads with a ladle.

Lining up the Brown Stair prisms.

Reading and reviewing our Peacemaker Cards.

Multiplication with Bead Bars.

Setting up the Red Rods to walk through the maze without touching the edges.

Counting out the Decimal System with golden beads.

Reading practice with three-part cards.

Taking care of classroom plants.

Enjoying the sounds of the Melody Harp.

"One ten and six units, sixteen," with the Teen Bead Hanger.

Learning shapes and preparing the hand for writing - Geometric Demonstration Tray.

Laying out the Numerals and Counters and learning about odd and even numbers.

Cutting and arranging flowers for the classroom.

Each place is so carefully filled with colored water using the dropper.

A sure sign of spring - enjoying an art activity with pussy willows.

Careful work with the Pink Tower.

Spindle Box:  Counting out and placing the spindles in to their corresponding compartments.

Putting together Logical Adjective pairs.

Understanding place value.

Memorization of addition math facts.

Practicing subtraction facts with the Negative Strip Board.

Putting together Logical Adverb pairs.

More subtraction practice.

Design work with the Metal Insets.


  1. These are such wonderful photos! What a busy classroom.

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