Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Strong Start to the Year

Seen around the classroom over the past two weeks: 

Carefully matching each piece from the Trinomial Cube to its corresponding color and shape on the lid.   

"It has five hundreds and 8 units - 508!"

Counting and naming the tens on Tens Board.
"…Fifty, and one more ten makes sixty…"

Practicing counting with number symbol recognition using the the Tens Board.
"One ten and six units make sixteen."

Combining two sets of Solid Cylinders for a new variation.

Spelling practice with the Small Moveable Alphabet.

Matching varying sizes of circles from the Geometric Cabinet...

…and then making a booklet with them.  The child traces the circles, cuts them out, and glues them onto paper creating a booklet. 

Caring for our environment by washing the polish cloths.

Understanding the concept of zero and quantities with the Spindle Box lesson.  

Cutting paper strips to refine motor skills and prepare for future art activities.

Dynamic addition with the Golden Beads.
"Oh, I see!  It's just like the exchange game!" speaking of  exchanging for the next higher category.

Carefully placing the next largest Pink Tower cube.

Enjoying the Nuts and Bolts activity.

The Addition (or Positive) Snake Game allows the child to explore various ways to make the sum of ten.  

Linear and skip counting by tens and ones with the Hundred Chain.

Reading practice using the Phonetic Object Box language lesson.

Using a squared chalkboard to practice writing numbers.

Static addition with the Stamp Game.

Learning to fold with the Folding Cloths lesson.

The children have shown lots of interest in washing the polish cloths!

Concepts of quantity with the Number Rods.

Dynamic addition with the Stamp Game.

Spelling practice with puzzle/sight words.

Carefully adding the smallest Pink Tower cube to the top.  Notice the child standing behind watching with his hands folded - we have been talking about the importance of only watching and not touching others' work.  

Reading practice with short vowel sounds using the Vowel Tree.

Number writing practice with Sandpaper Numbers.

Exploring combinations of ten with the Addition Snake Game.

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