Monday, April 6, 2015

A Bit Like Home

Another opportunity to observe in a Primary classroom at the Mikhailova Montessori School reminded me of home.  So many similarities, yet so many new ideas:

Reading and writing practice with phonetic word cards and Small Moveable Alphabet.

Writing/Tracing practice.  Notice the cursive font and Sandpaper Letters nearby...

Chalkboard:  A table set up for practicing writing on lines.  

Stunning fiber artwork against the vibrant wall color and framed by beautiful plants.

This long table caught my eye as it is ideal for math work with the large Addition and Subtraction Charts.

Two friends enjoying Soap grating, whisking soap water, then blowing bubbles.

Extension work with the Cylinder Blocks.

Knobless Cylinder extension activities.

Rolling a game die and finding sum of ten with colored bead bars.  

Reading and putting together names of classmates by syllables:  "Ki-ra," "Da-sha," and "An-ton."

Reading practice - the child places the clip on the corresponding word.  

Reading numbers and making quantities.
After my classroom observation, I was fortunate to be able to meet with the staff and discuss all things Montessori.  They wanted to know more about my school, see pictures, share information about theory and philosophy… what a joy to connect with Montessorians all the way across the globe!  We all came away not only with greater understandings each other, but also with renewed appreciation of our global Montessori community.

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