Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Toddler Room Observations

The sun was warm and bright, embracing the room with sense of peace.  Small children, most with their caregiver, sat concentrating on spooning, pouring, transferring sand and beans.  I noticed their attention to tasks, how they intently worked, and marveled at how focused and joyful they were.  Stepping in into the Toddler Classroom at Mikailova Montessori School was a bit like being transported in to a familiar yet brand new world.

This was the first time I had formally observed in a toddler room and I remain so fortunate for the experience.  I saw firsthand how such an early introduction to the Montessori method is not only beneficial for children and their parents, but also how an early start can positively impact the Primary 3-6 classroom.  Can one imagine if all 3-6 students had the opportunity to develop their concentration, coordination, independence, and order before stepping foot into the Primary classroom?

I very much enjoyed my time in the toddler room and remain in awe of the children.  Also, to all the Toddler teachers out there - thank you!  Thank you for providing our students such a positive foundation for their Montessori experiences.  Intrigue and inspiration were the main features of my visit to this classroom.  Here are a few photos from my observations:

Entering the classroom  -  such inviting shelves.

Exploration with natural materials.

Tactile development with various textures available for exploration.

This plant stand design is genius.  Firstly, the entire placement of the stand is intended to act as a room divider (beautiful!).  Secondly, look at how each plant has its own tub underneath for catching overflow (practical!).  

Gross motor development.

Practical Life shelves.

Stairs and slide - notice the texture tiles going up the stairs...

Object Permanence Boxes.

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