Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Math on my Mind

Looking over the posts from the last few weeks, it appears as if there is an overwhelming emphasis on the Language area of the classroom.  Yes, it is true - I've been thinking a lot about the these lessons and ways to incorporate meaningful learning experiences with new materials.  Nonetheless, I've also been busy planning for the Math area too!

The Montessori Math lessons are brilliant - just as with other materials, they are infinitely superior to any worksheet or 'paper work' that could be provided to children.  This does not mean however, that some children cannot enjoy different types of learning extensions.  I feel it is important to have various extension activities available for my students in order that I have the greatest opportunities to enhance all learning styles.  For this reason, I offer different 'paper' lessons as extensions of the initial presentations and variations after a student has demonstrated proficiency and comprehension with the actual material.

I have made a simple Math Book which I've made available for my readers HERE.  It can be used in a variety of ways, but I plan to use it with the Colored Bead Stair work.
The Montessori Colored Bead Stair.
For example, I plan to set out a collection of colored paper corresponding with the colors of the Montessori Bead Stair with a hole punch and glue.  Then, the children can use the booklet pages to glue their colored dots onto the pages.  The same pages could also be used for stamps, stickers, and other items for counting practice.

I have included the numbers 0-9 in my booklet, so this material will be ideal for the students have completed number work with lessons from the Number Rods through the Spindle Boxes and who have already been introduced to the Colored Bead Stair.  Enjoy!

By the way, readers might be interested in more about Montessori and her notion of the 'Mathematical Mind' found in THIS post.

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