Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rock Names

I have to giggle at the title of this post - yes, my charges are little rock stars for sure...!  It looks as if I am in the midst of a rock fetish - the last time I wrote about rocks was when I was inspired to integrate them into Language and Geography lessons as seen in the post HERE.  This time, the idea came to me to use smaller ones as place holders in the classroom.  Oftentimes, the children enjoy "holding their place" with a name tag if they must step away from their work at any given point in the morning.  Last year, we used laminated American flags for this purpose which you can see in THIS POST.  While preparing classroom materials for this coming school year, I wanted to think of a way make a placeholder without having to laminate anything.  While I have nothing against laminated name tags (in fact, I LOVE laminating things in general!) I just wanted something a little more soothing to the eye - after all, these will be in use everyday and sometimes that shiny glare can get tiresome...  Again, rocks to the rescue:

Our Rock Names  to be used as placeholders in the classroom.  
I decided to place them in the tray so that each name can easily be seen.  Also, later in the year, I plan to add the children's last names on the on the other side of each stone.  Can you just see the little hands reaching for their names?  :)


  1. Hi Sasha,

    I just found your blog and am so happy to have arrived here. :) Your school looks beautiful and we seem to be doing so much of the same things. It's always an exciting thing for me to find another small school and enthusiastic teacher to reach out to and learn from! Cheers from Aruba,


  2. Hi Susanne,
    Welcome! I'm so glad you've found me. Thanks so much for your kind words. I feel so fortunate to have found a community of inspiring people - perhaps far in distance, but close in spirit!
    All the best,

  3. Hi Sasha,

    Did you use Sharpie Paint Pens for these and then varnish?
    I love these rocks, and I am a rock person too...but so are many of my students for that matter!

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Yes, Terri - that is exactly what I used, but I did not varnish them with anything. I figure I can just write over with the Sharpie paint pen if and when they begin to fade.

  5. Sasha, I am so excited to have found your blog. I am a counselor resident in VA. I frequently use play therapy techniques and am always looking for new ideas. I also love play-based learning ideas to use with my toddler. At some point I will be blogging on our practice's website about To The Lesson. Love, love, love it. :)

  6. Thank you, Nikki and welcome to my blog!