Friday, August 26, 2011

Apple Math

Our classroom will be filled with apples when school begins!  I plan to have this theme incorporated into all areas of the room including Math.  Here are some apple-related activities which will be available for the children:

Apple, apple in the tree, you look so good to eat to me!

Apple Tree Math
Sidenote:  I am particularly attached to the following lesson and activity because they are part of the first materials I ever made...  still in use after all these years... ;-)

On the tray:  napkin holder with felt apple trees on laminated paper with numbers 0-9;  bowl filled with 45 tiny red pom-poms.
The child brings the tray to a mat and places the trees onto the mat while identifying the number.  They can either go in order or not, depending on the child.  Now, the child is ready to place the corresponding number of "apples" on the trees.

Lesson completed.

Apple Sticker Math

This is a lesson I quickly put together when I discovered these adorable apple stickers in one of my storage bins.  I like how the lesson not only enhances concepts of quantity, but also fine motor development through the use of the stickers.

Apple sticker math completed.

I have the lesson set up on a shelf with enough materials for two children to complete at the same time, if desired.  They would each take a basket, place required items inside, and sit down at a table to complete the lesson:

Basket ready for lesson.
  These two lessons will be housed on a shelf dedicated specifically to seasonal math activities/variations:
Seasonal Math Shelf:  top - Apple Tree Math;  middle - tray containing math graph (1-5), jar with sticker sheets (15 apple stickers each), jar with two pencils;  bottom - two white baskets for sticker work.
 "Apple Picking" Game

I enjoy having games out in the classroom because they naturally allow children additional opportunities to cultivate their intrapersonal communication skills.  The beginning of the year is also an ideal time to incorporate more games as the children are not only getting to know one another, but also building their comfort level in a new environment.  The following "Apple Picking" game is from KidsSoup, a fun resource for preschool and Kindergarten teachers.

The game set up at a table for two.  The jar holds 32 apple erasers as game pieces. 

This brass apple holds the game die (and is ideal for our Practical Life metal polishing!).

The apple erasers are so perfect!
 By now, my readers must be on an apple overload!  I will share additional apple-themed activities in the classroom at another time...  ;-)


  1. I've given you an award on my blog. Thanks for sharing all your hard work! :)

  2. Thank you so very much, Jessica. I am honored and touched that you have chosen my blog for this award!