Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Say 'Cello!'

Our classroom had the delightful experience of having a cello demonstration this morning!  One of the parents offered to come talk to the children and demonstrate playing the cello.  I am very much in support of parents sharing their knowledge and expertise in the classroom and this was a perfect example.  In preparation of this visit, I introduced the children to some classical cello concertos and placed a CD in the  (music) listening station for several days.  Each day leading up to the visit, we casually discussed various instruments and the different families, i.e. string, wind, percussion, etc.  When our guest arrived this morning with her cello, the kids sat at rapt attention!  We learned the names of the parts of the cello, listened to the types of sounds it can make, took turns feeling the sound's vibration on the body of the cello, and even had the opportunity to play a few strings!  Lastly, we were treated to a beautiful rendition of Sen-San's 'The Swan' which was met with much applause and even a robust "Bravo!"

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