Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Gifts

Oh, how lovely these are turning out to be!  During the process of making their Father's Day gift, the children are not only enjoying the creation of a unique painting on canvas, but they are also reviewing their letter sounds. Here is what we did:

First, a tray was prepared with different colors of tempera paint.  Each cup received a "dot painter" which are simply small paint applicators with a sponge top.  I found these at the craft store and thought they would be fun for painting...  The marker is for the child to write their name on back of the canvas.

Next, the child sounded out the word 'dad' and used letter stickers to make the word.  We used Crayola's Reuseable Peel and Stick Letters which were easy to peel off (as you will see below).  Then, the child used the painters to dab the entire canvas, including painting over the letters.

Lastly, the child (with teacher's help,  if needed) peeled away the letters which revealed the 'word of honor'.  These are some of the creations drying on our drying rack. 
Completely perfect for the occasion!  The children are very proud of these and are anticipating with great excitement the day they will give it to their dads.  If I get the chance, I might stop in our local dollar store to find suitable frames in which to place the paintings...if not, they are great just they way they are!  Later, we will have the children wrap their gift with plain newsprint (from the end rolls from our local paper) and decorate...

This project is turning out to be so simple and fun - and there is plenty of time before Father's Day if you wanted to make some of your own either at home or with groups of children.  Not only are the supplies readily available at most craft stores, but it is fairly economical too - especially if you can get the canvases on sale!


  1. How cool!!

  2. So simple and fun too! Thanks, Sasha

  3. This is such a great idea for Father's Day - something every father would love! I added your post link to the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and

  4. Such a wonderful Father's day craft. I love it!

  5. Thank you all for your comments! Since I published this post, the children have wrapped their gift and made cards to go with it... They had just as much fun wrappping the presents as they had making them!

  6. This would be great with the child's name if it was not Father's Day. :)
    Terri in Australia (where it is not Fathers' Day until September)

  7. The kids did a great job. Their dads are going to love them!

  8. Great idea for father's day...something he would love..I like it.

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