Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Early Farewell

The time has come for me to wish my students a happy summer and good days ahead - I have to miss the last week of school in order to complete my Oral Exams with the Montgomery Montessori Institute.  This Friday is my last day in the classroom until the new school year begins in September.  It was with a heavy heart that it was explained to the children I would not be in school on their last days together.  Some were holding back tears, as was I!

I wanted to leave them with a positive reminder of how far we have come during the past year and how our work together, as a class, has left such positive impressions on each of us.  So, do you remember our amazing, collaborative, Pollock-inspired drip painting from this post?  Well, each child now has one to take home as a reminder of our class and the wonderful accomplishments we have made this year!

Small prints of our collaborative art project.  Each child will have one to take home and hopefully remember all the fun times we've had together this year!

Instead of saying "Goodbye,"  I'll leave my students with a "So long!"  It's been an inspiring year!

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