Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Wonderland...Again!

The freshly fallen snow has provided the end of our vacation days with more winter fun!  My husband and I have always treasured the view to our woods from the kitchen window - what a delight it has been to watch the seasons change through these windows over the eight years we have lived here. 

Winter Woods
 View from our kitchen window during the last storm.
 Needless to say, my kids love playing out there - especially when our plow-man makes huge snowbanks for them to dig tunnels and such.  This morning, my dear husband took the boys out for some snowshoeing.  During their excursion, they spotted raccoon tracks. They proved it's the raccoon we've seen tromping across the neighbor's yard to the woods and back under their barn/garage -  they followed the tracks all the way back to the neighbors! 

Coon Tracks!

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