Friday, March 10, 2017

Rainbow Shamrocks

The children enjoy seasonal art activities, and one way we incorporate new skills is to introduce them through these types of lessons.  For this activity, the children were shown a new gluing technique using a small brush to seal layers of tissue paper squares.  As with all lessons, the materials are set up keeping in mind the directionality of moving from left to right.  

Here the materials are set up on the art shelf.  Moving from left to right, the child gathers the tissue paper squares , glue tray, and white paper with a shamrock shape.

Everything is brought to a workspace, where the child completes the process of sealing the tissue paper squares using the glue and brush. 

Once dried, the paper can be cut into the shamrock.  
The children have been interested in completing the lesson because the gluing technique has provided a new point of interest.  Up until this point, they have worked with glue sticks and glue bottles, so using the brush and adding second layer of glue on top has been most intriguing.  Of course, the clean up process is part of the lesson, and the children have been taking great care to leave the materials clean and beautiful for the next person to use. 


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